Photographing Fairies

  • Photographing Fairies
  • Photographing Fairies
  • Photographing Fairies
  • Photographing Fairies

Making and faking photos a century after Cottingley
A5 colour printed booklet, 50 pages

Booklet to accompany Photographing Fairies, an online exhibition hosted by Stills Centre for Photography, 19 February - 19 August 2021.

In December 1920, in the aftermath of the worst war the world had ever seen, photographs appeared in a London magazine which apparently proved the existence of fairies. Embraced by believers, dissected by sceptics, and sprinkled with celebrity by Arthur Conan Doyle, the Cottingley Fairy Photographs fascinated everyone.

One hundred years later, we collaborated with young people living in Edinburgh to reflect on image-making and image-faking. Their work is shown in this small publication, alongside artists and photographers who engage with the legacy of the Cottingley Fairies.

This small publication includes:
- introduction to the project
- curator's essay about the history of fairies and photography
- reflective essay about fairies in literature
- full colour photographs, comics and artwork

This booklet was printed with funding from the CHASE Feminist Network, so is available for only the cost of postage.
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