Ossian: Warrior Poet

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  • Ossian: Warrior Poet
  • Ossian: Warrior Poet
  • Ossian: Warrior Poet
  • Ossian: Warrior Poet
  • Ossian: Warrior Poet

Ossian: Warrior Poet
by Eileen Budd
Softback ISBN 9781916114821
Hardback ISBN 9781916114838

The bard Ossian recounts the life of Fingal, a warrior chief among chiefs in 3rd century Scotland. These are the sagas of Scotland’s ancient past: tales of battles, of unrequited love, betrayal, tragic loss and glorious victory.

James Macpherson first published his Poems of Ossian in the late 1700s, collecting fragments of oral storytelling, folklore and deep cultural memory that survived in the Gaelic tongue.

Eileen Budd's new illustrated edition rekindles these stories for a new generation.

Ossian: Warrior Poet includes:
> 12 full-page illustrations bursting with detail, based on years of research.
> 14 hand drawn maps, showing the locations and routes of the poems, based on cartographic research.
> Many more illustrations of archaeological objects and patterns.
> Fresh introduction and commentaries for each chapter.
> Family trees for the main characters, setting out their inter-connections.
> An index of hundreds of characters and locations, to help readers keep track!

Ossian: Warrior Poet is a full colour high quality book, of 326 pages.

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