Wide Open Sea collaborates on thoughtful books with passionate souls.

This indie micro-publisher is curator Alice and artist Jamie. From our hillside cottage in the Lake District, we look out to the wide horizon of possibilities from crowdfunding and indie publishing.

We are gradually building our publishing, with a growing collection of inspiring encounters with interesting, wild women. These books blend compelling storytelling with good advice forged from years of experience.

We also make zines, prints and merch, usually produced in short print runs by other indie businesses.

Fundraising books

We’ve raised thousands of pounds for various charities with our well-designed, thoughtful and high quality art books. Using crowdfunding and limited print runs, we keep costs under control and maximise donations to good causes.

We’d love to hear your ideas for new fundraising publishing projects. Work with us to develop, design and crowdfund, and make your idea a reality.

Felt: Creative Cactuses book

If you are a bookseller or library wishing to stock a Wide Open Sea title, you can order through Gardners and benefit from the usual wholesale discounts. Or contact us to order direct.