The Unschooled Life

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The Unschooled Life: One Family's Home Education Adventure
by Lizi Gambell
Paperback, 144pp.
ISBN 9781916114807

The Unschooled Life shares Lizi and her family's home education journey and their discovery of unschooling. This is not a workbook or how-to book. Instead, Lizi combines personal storytelling with informed and realistic advice for parents, based on her years of experience.

The Unschooled Life tells how Lizi’s eldest son became deeply unhappy at school, but things transformed when they left the system and started to build their own learning life. Lizi shares the ups and downs of this decision, including the process of confronting her own conditioning, and the wonder to be found in learning alongside her children. It includes chapters on:

- Deschooling and Unschooling
- Finding time for self-care and wellbeing
- Coping with other peoples’ questions and criticism
- Tackling screen time and the lure of new technologies.

Using anecdotes from her own life, Lizi shows how a real family can develop a holistic approach to education and parenting, and live happily outside the box!

Lizi Gambell is a remedial hypnotist, with a deep interest in the mind, self-confidence, and overcoming anxiety. In The Unschooled Life, she brings this unique perspective to the opportunities of unschooling.