Quizogyny: a Feminist Pub Quiz Zine

  • Quizogyny: a Feminist Pub Quiz Zine

Fight the Patriarchy Over Five Rounds!

Every issue of Quizogyny includes five rounds of feminist quiz fun and a pull-out answer booklet. Good for teams or on your own - perfect for zoom quizzes.

Typical rounds include: general knowledge, herstory, music and sport. Plus dingbats, anagrams and pictures. And original interviews with Quiz Mavens and bonus articles abouts pubs, women & feminism.

Quizogyny is an A5 zine, printed in black & white on sturdy 160 gsm paper, with hand-coloured highlights.

Choose which issue you'd like (go on, get the whole set)

Issue 1: General knowledge, herstory, dingbats, pictures, music and sport. Plus an article about pub activism in Aberdeen and an interview with a quiz maven.

Issue 2: Herstory, female inventors, sport, film, private parts. Plus articles about pub names and women's marathons.

Issue 3: Female of the species, striking women, women behind bars, lyrics, who's that girl? Plus an article about pubs and an interview with a quiz maven.

Issue 4: Arts & Literature, ecology, women's world; celluloid scientists, dingbats and anagrams. Plus read about feminist laboratories and learn about cocktails.